The CraneView Device

  • Crane-type, make and ownership agnostic


  • Fully certified, under-the-hook lifting accessory providing the same weight capacity as the crane it is used on.

    Safety Standards

  • Crosby
    Integral to the CraneView below-the-hook device is Crosby-branded rigging hardware.

    Strategic Partner

  • Durable frame, purpose built for construction environments.

    Tech Specs

Implementation is effortless.

The CraneView hardware and software solution integrates quickly and seamlessly into your existing processes—no extra steps needed and no time wasted. Crane installation takes a few seconds, with no manual data input or manipulation, ever.



The Versatile team uploads your site plans, models and schedules.



Your team adds the CraneView devices to the site cranes in just seconds.



Your data is live and accessible from anywhere you work, ready to start improving operations from day one.

Measuring what matters

As soon as CraneView is deployed at the jobsite, it begins measuring thousands of data points within the pick cycle. Let CraneView provide a real understanding of how long it takes to do anything with your crane. Production rates and outliers can be identified, giving the insights needed to boost performance across the jobsite.

Crane Utilization
Load Details
Model Updates
Project Progress
Real-Time Alerts

Your data in action

You already know what actions to take, now you have the data to back it up. See patterns, insights, and new visibility of your site like never before. With automated streamlined reports, you’re always informed, and always in control of the process.

Mobile Alerts
Automatic alerts help keep you in the loop from anywhere on site. Whether it’s a no-fly zone infraction or the first task of the day is ready to start, our notification system has you covered so you’re always in touch.
Outlier reports spot anomalies for you before they become trends that could negatively impact the schedule.
Double Handling
Lean sites ensure materials and equipment get to the right place at the right time. Reporting on site organization activities eliminates unnecessary double handling and minimizes unproductive crane time.
Operational Records
Questions are answered before you ask—delivery times, safety protocol checks, and crane hook time allocation, all gathered and packaged for you to optimize processes or verify change orders. Operational records remove the guesswork with photos and timestamps.

By the numbers.

50% Improvement in Production Rates

45-52% Improved Look-ahead Scheduling Errors

Cut 5-6 weeks off Crane Schedule on Multi-Crane Jobs

Reduced Cycle Times by 25-50%

Reduced Overtime from 36hr/mo to zero

Saved 20 hrs/mo on Progress Reports to Owner

2020 results based on client feedback in USA on over 350,000 picks