Insights is a new feed that will alert you to the most pressing data points on your jobsite. Whether it’s an opportunity to remove blockers, adjust the schedule, or fix a manufacturing issue with your install materials, the Insights feed will direct your attention to areas where you can make an immediate impact on the project.


The first Insight we’re launching is Rework!

Rework is defined as an installation that has been removed, then reinstalled, or adjusted after the initial installation. Because the crane and your team’s time are such important resources to get the most out of, keeping track of rework allows you to get in front of issues before they become costly and time consuming trends. Imagine for a second that there was an issue on site with your Steel beams not fitting correctly and your team needed to make manual adjustments on the fly. How much time and headache would you save them if you could’ve stepped in early on to solve the problem? Now you can. 

Each morning your collection of Insights will display on your home feed on the right.


When you click on an individual insight, a pop-out window will show you the details of the rework including the original  location of the installation and when it was removed, a video of the rework captured, total Rework captured over the last 7 days, the last 30 days, and since the project has started. You can even comment and collaborate with your colleagues on what happened and how to improve next time. 


Then, you can click ‘View lift details’ to Explore more (see more video, view hand-offs before and after, and all the information you’re used to seeing in the Explore tab).


Lastly, by clicking ‘View element’, it will take you to the Track page where you can view the specific element that needed rework in your BIM model if it’s included in your project site. You can see the individual piece highlighted in blue indicated by the arrow. 


Then you can see all History of each element to identify if it was an isolated incident, what’s the reason for the rework on that specific element, and how to prevent it in the future.



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