Versatile Insights emphasizes productivity improvement opportunities, making it an essential tool for construction project execution. This powerful new feature helps field and office teams identify trends that may diverge them from the planned work schedule.

Versatile’s data alerts the construction team to outliers and encourages team problem solving discussions in an effort to reduce overtime and stay on schedule.

Increase Visibility & Boost Efficiency

Utilizing your construction site data, Versatile Insights points out where time is being wasted and where improvements can be made, providing clarity and focus. Move beyond gut feelings and dig into job site data by drilling down to timestamped lift videos and trends. Insights gives your team areas to look into with relevant context, in order to understand the root cause, and take corrective action.

Enhance Collaboration

Improve communication and teamwork through interactive comments, mentions, and bookmarks. Ensure that key stakeholders are always in the loop and can contribute to the discussion while moving towards a quick resolution.


Change in Crane Utilization

With this insight, you can gain visibility into significant declines in crane utilization with relevant context to identify the underlying cause. By clicking “View activity,” you get a minute by minute breakdown of all crane activity, from who was using the crane and the completed work.

Long Installations (Steel only)

This insight alerts the field team to installations that are taking unusually longer for a specific site. Versatile’s AI model identifies similar lifts by matching various factors like the crane load, weight, number of elements, installation floor, and more.

Failed Installation

This insight highlights lifts where an installation attempt was unsuccessful.


This insight highlights lifts in which elements were installed but later removed. Both the original installation lift, and the removal lift can be viewed to help determine the root cause.

Double Handling

This insight sheds light on cases where someone had to return to a task to correct issues, complete unfinished work, or make changes. This is generally due to errors, changes in project specifications, or the need to address deficiencies identified in inspections.

View Lift Details & View Element

For each insight, project team members can view the lift video, view precision lift details like lift duration, rigging times, unrigging times, and weight. Additionally, for most insights, your team can view the affected element in the model (Track 4D).


To utilize Versatile Insights, you need:

  • A Versatile subscription
  • Insights access

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