Versatile® Hardware + Software Solution
Hard data. For easier
decision making.
Versatile® is a non-intrusive solution for collecting valuable jobsite production data that can help demobilize cranes earlier, avoid unnecessary overtime, and track and measure site productivity to get the most out of each and every crane pick.
Throughout the construction process, you’ll receive daily reports generated from thousands of data points within the pick cycle, so you can make more informed decisions to positively impact safety, construction scheduling, task efficiency, and more.
It’s the ultimate tool to get ahead and stay ahead on every project.

Industry Feedback

We used Versatile to avoid overtime and reduce the peaks and valleys associated with crane utilization to ensure the cranes were operating as efficiently as possible. Over the course of the project, we were able to make adjustments that contributed to a consistent upward trend in crane utilization.”
Chris Brown
Project Superintendent
Versatile gives us the insights we need to drive action at the site and help us stay ahead of schedule. The power to automate the collection of actual progress and visualize that back to our clients has saved nearly 20 hours a month in manual effort - and keeps our clients happy.”
Brett Thompson
Project Manager
Not only has it made a difference on this project but it’s also perked up the ears of leadership. Being able to get a crane off the site faster is a real time saver and Versatile helped us do that.”
Jennifer Suerth
Vice President - Technical Services

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Why try to predict the future when you can create it? Our team of inventors, engineers, and project managers are driven to imagine new ways to transform construction into a truly controllable process. Our first solution to market, Versatile, is taking the industry by storm. And just wait until you see what’s coming next.

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