Hard data.

For easier decision making.

Get the real-time insights you need to boost productivity, efficiency and safety on your jobsite.

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We’re Versatile. We keep jobsites moving.

Through our own experiences in the industry, we realized there needed to be a smarter way to manage jobsites—so we created it. Our CraneView™ device is giving construction professionals never-before-available visibility into jobsite challenges and opportunities. And it can do the same for you, too.

CraneView is a proven solution for helping jobsites run at peak performance with over 300,000 picks performed in the U.S. to date.


From link to hook, the load-bearing assembly is a fully certified, under-the-hook lifting accessory providing the same weight capacity as the crane it is used on.

Get real-time visibility, on-site or remote, with CraneView.


Here’s how it works.

Easy Implementation

Our platform integrates quickly and seamlessly into your existing processes—no extra steps needed and no time wasted. No kidding.

Remote and On Site Access

Whether onsite or managing remotely, you get real-time insights, specific to your jobsite, that power smart decisions about improving productivity, efficiency and safety.

Hardware + App

Our CraneView device measures thousands of data points—load, weight, motion, rigging, unrigging, material, location, tasks and idle times—which display instantly in our mobile app.

Our team

We’re a passionate and dedicated group of engineers, designers and visionaries. Construction is in our blood, and under our fingernails.

Everyone on our team contributes to the service of our clients, helping to decipher the data we collect from your jobsite, and deliver actionable insights to the right people at the right time.

Interested in joining our fun-loving crew?

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Meirav Oren

Co-founder, CEO

Danny Hermann 

Co-founder, CPO

Ran Oren


Barak Cohen

Co-founder, CTO


Not Our First Rodeo

We are proud to work with some of the most ambitious contractors in the USA on some of the most exciting projects built and honoured to serve professional, collaborative and truly inspiring teams.

Turner Innovation

Turning cranes into smart devices with AI and IOT technology 

On many job-sites our cranes perform as control towers - orchestrating and driving a tremendous amount of activity.

Seeking innovative ways to leverage IOT (Internet of thing) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies to optimise crane efficiency, Turner's innovation department engaged with us to capture crane data and turn it into actionable insights that can improve project performance.

Read the case study


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Hard data.

For easier decision making.


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