Operating continuously since 1902, today Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company, Inc. (Hawaiian Dredging) is Hawaii’s largest and most diversified construction company. With more than 900 employees and five divisions (Building, Commercial, Heavy, Waterfront & Foundation, and Power & Industrial) the company has built many of Hawaii’s iconic structures as well as many of its transportation and utility infrastructural projects.

In spite of its long history of success, Hawaiian Dredging is always looking for ways to operate more safely and efficiently.

  • With complex jobs involving multiple subcontractors, it was sometimes difficult to have an accurate picture of what was happening on a job and which subcontractors needed to receive feedback or instructions.
  • With their own data showing that jobsite crane operations cost over $865 per hour, Hawaiian Dredging knows that any crane efficiencies that can be gained can have a substantial impact on the bottom line.
  • For the well-being of its people, and to avoid costly fines and suspensions, ensuring the safety of the team is always a top priority.

In an effort to further optimize its operations, Hawaiian Dredging turned to Versatile and its CraneView® IoT platform.

Now that our team has seen what CraneView can do they’re going to expect to have it on every new jobsite.”

Chris Baze
BIM Manager for Hawaiian Dredging


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