Turner Construction Company spots outliers, builds on lessons learned, and applies improvements in real-time, thanks to Versatile’s multi-sensor device CraneView®. The organization has gained efficiency across a variety of processes by measuring their performance and identifying areas for improvement. 

For example, Turner identified the most efficient scheme for rebar installation using CraneView, reducing the critical path duration of their cycle by 30%. Their team identified this scheme early and reaped the benefits over the next 600 vertical feet– effectively slashing the trades’ installation time by a staggering 50%.

The company has used CraneView 4.0 on many projects, including 555 108th in Seattle, WA, 11 West in Portland, OR, and Wexford in Philadelphia, PA.

Check out the video for more examples of how Turner Construction is benefiting from implementing the non-invasive IoT device on their sites.

Versatile’s CraneView helps us learn and apply improvements in real time during the project.”

Kevin Stilwell
VP and Construction Executive for Turner Construction