Versatile’s Track feature makes it easy to view and share site progress visually.


Most reporting is limited to two dimensions and printed on large pieces of papers you can’t take home with you. While we love paper and stickies, Versatile Track enhances your dynamic construction site by visually aligning on progress across teams, time zones, and locations.

With Versatile’s Track you can:

  • View element installations of steel and cast-in-place in near real-time
  • Understand how sequences are progressing at a daily and weekly level
  • Visually understand what was installed, where it was installed, who installed it, and when it was installed
  • Assist in face-to-face conversations by discussing the order of work while homing in on specific timeframes and topics
  • Increase collaboration and alignment across superintendents, project engineers, project managers, and foremen to align expectations and remove roadblocks
  • Zoom into progress at a building level and time frame to see what’s been installed and what’s next
  • Answer questions like, “Was this piece installed?” and “What was installed last week?” without going out to field


Track features

Section View

The slider on the left enables you to “cut” through the building to reveal interior elements and structural details.


Analyze Installations

Select an element to understand with pinpoint accuracy where it was installed, when it was installed, and who installed it. Drill down to Product Info on the right hand side to see element ID, construction method, product type, name, building, and floor.


Magical Replay

Watch footage of the element being installed from the crane’s perspective and view a lift breakdown from rigging to unrigging.


Track Requirements

  • Versatile Subscription
  • Up to date building model(s)

How to Get Started

  1. Email to confirm that Versatile has all of the required building plans and models to support Track.
  2. That’s it! Standby for a Versatile team member to contact you about next steps and training.

Need help?

Send an email to or call us at +1 (561) 544-7440