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Is Versatile Patented?

Yes, we currently have global patents, and patent pending technology aboard the Versatile device and in our software.

U.S. Patent No. 11,511,972
U.S. Patent No. 11,460,337
U.S. Patent No. 10,968,084

Security Standards Met

Versatile maintains an active Security Program to ensure that our customer’s confidential data, including privacy records, are securely protected. We are proud to be ISO 27001 certified.

Technical Specifications
Electronic Power Source 2x (1x spare) Lithium Batteries: Li-Ion 5x 10.89V/6.7Ah-72.9Wh
Load Cell Max Load Capacity 44,000 lb (20 ton) / 121,255 lb (55 ton)
Dimensions Device Imperial Dimensions: 15.35” x 27.77” x 27.77”
Metric Dimensions: 380mm x 420mm x 110mm
Dimensions Package Imperial Dimensions: 15.35” x 27.77” x 27.77”
Metric Dimensions: 390mm x 680mm x 680mm
Weight Package Weight 66 lb / 30(+/-2) Kg
Safety Standards Met
ASME B30.20-2018, ASME BTH-1_2017 Safety – System
Fatigue Rated Load Cell Body Security -Fatigue
ANSI/NFPA 70 Safety – Electrical Code
ANSI Z535.4-1998 Safety – Signs and Labels
IP52W Weather Solid & Liquid
IK10 Safety – Mechanic Impact
ASNI Standards (NIOSH) Safety – Ergonomic and Human Factors
MSDS OSHA Safety – Battery
FCC Communication Radio Frequency
UTI E 33820 Security – Data
Is the rigging equipment safe?

Yes! This is a standard, fatigue-rated rigging assembly, supplied by reputable manufacturers like The Crosby Group—whom we’re proud to partner with to best serve our industry.

My company is looking at putting a crane camera on every crane. What is the difference?

Versatile utilizes a multi-sensor device to understand your site, going well beyond the single sense of vision. We believe if you have the right data you can make the right decisions. Our clients are looking for the ability to use data to make production improvements on current and future projects. Versatile provides our clients with interpretation of the data to be able to make even smarter decisions.

What will my Safety and Risk Manager say when I tell them I want to use this solution on all my projects?

They’ll say, “Thank you!”   Versatile provides Safety and Risk Managers with data they have never been able to access before. As our industry starts measuring and improving, having the ability to learn from near misses is the way we all prevent the next incident from ever occurring.

How much work is this for my people? Do they need to tell you what everything is or go through endless reports to get anything out of it?

Versatile solutions are non-intrusive and naturally fit your workflows. We communicate by cutting through the noise, with tools you’re already using and in a digestible, immediately actionable manner.

Aside from changing a battery once in a while there is nothing, and we mean nothing, extra your team will need to do. Versatile is shipped to you ready to go. The platform already knows your site, and coupled with the data from the device, you will get your first digest report the next morning. And as we connect over our own cellular connection, even your IT department is not required. The digest reports  are delivered daily with no programming or report writing/reading skills needed. Plus, we will assign a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help you use the data for even greater gains.

I understand Versatile is in high demand. How long will it take to get on site?

At a minimum, Versatile requires 2-3 weeks lead time from contract to go-live. We recommend engaging early as we prioritize signed deals and known deployment dates. A last-minute deployment request might see significantly longer lead times.

How long does implementation take and what do I need to do?

The Versatile device arrives ready-to-go and is put on the hook by your certified rigger in a few seconds. We do all the heavy lifting to get the essentials to you and are ready to deliver value as soon as we’re on your hook.

Watch our rigging video.

Is Versatile valuable for my project?

Yes! Our customers have been using Versatile on all types of projects in the engineering and construction vertical such as cast-in-place, precast, steel structure, mass timber, and more. We also have clients using Versatile on non-construction projects. As long as cranes are a pivotal part of the project, clients have seen new ways to use the data to achieve their goals.

Does Versatile impact crane operation?

No. Versatile is an under-the-hook lifting device that is matched to your hook capacity and needs without altering it. Designed with the Crosby Group rigging hardware, the load-bearing assembly is a fully-certified, under-the-hook lifting accessory.

How is the price constructed?

We offer tiers for your unique project and enterprise level needs. There is a nominal upfront cost and a monthly service fee for the duration of the contract.

What types of cranes can Versatile be used on?

All! We are successfully deployed on both static and mobile cranes.


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