Our relationship with Versatile has allowed us to be on the front edge of new technology in the construction market. This technology enables us to analyze our performance on a daily basis, providing a truly unique vantage point to create better outcomes in real-time. We’re looking forward to seeing how this knowledge empowers us in the planning stage of our projects—I believe we’ve only just begun to see the potential.”

Brett Thompson
Senior Project Manager

Richmond, VA | April 21, 2021
Gilbane Building Company and Versatile, Inc. have joined forces to pilot the new capabilities of CraneView 4.0. The latest version of Versatile’s non-invasive technology featuring a multi-sensor device mounted under the crane’s hook puts Gilbane at the forefront of construction innovation. This technology allows for optimization of jobsite processes and compiling novel production data tailored to the unique needs of each project team. New tools such as 3D actuals empower project teams to work safer, faster, and with more predictability for improved outcomes.

CraneView 4.0 is currently in use on Gilbane’s Department of General Services, General Assembly Building project in Richmond, VA. This new 415,000 SF, 15-story legislative and administrative office tower is the central component of an extensive modernization program for Virginia’s historic capitol square.

Gilbane’s project team maximized the daily data reports to measure, analyze and improve performance on crane utilization, site logistics, operations and safety, yielding higher output and improved schedules, and a safer, more efficient subcontractor workflow.

Running multiple devices on multiple cranes, the project team has been able to identify and mitigate outliers, double handling and inefficiencies to maintain optimal performance. Motionless metrics provided by CraneView allowed for coordinating real-time deliveries as well as managing picks and efficient workflow. To date, the project team has seen up to 90% utilization rate on steel erection and 98% on the façade.


Gilbane’s commitment to innovation and continual improvement syncs squarely with Versatile’s vision of providing non-intrusive solutions to transform construction into the controllable building process it can be. CraneView delivers never before available jobsite production data that is sent to Gilbane’s project team via daily digests, enabling real-time decision-making regarding workflow adjustments that optimize productivity and increases safety.

Gilbane has also been able to incorporate other technologies into the project, including the software, Assemble. Versatile’s CraneView data used with Assemble provides a virtual 3D model for weekly progression snapshots and improved client communications.

Not only is this solution helping the Gilbane team gauge productivity, but it also provides a unique real-time purview on jobsite activities. Safety is Gilbane’s number one priority, and the combination of video and aggregated data that CraneView provides allows Gilbane to organize, verify or make adjustments to workflow thoughtfully. The birds-eye view also provides visuals to on-site and off-site personnel to gauge the safety of ongoing work. Gilbane and Versatile teams working together are turning the new insights into on-site actions.


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