Your step by step guide on setting up, navigating, and getting the most out of your new Scheduler.


Versatile’s Scheduler is a uniquely intuitive tool built for construction professionals like you. In one centralized location, you can plan, manage, and optimize your schedule with side-by-side actuals that are populated automatically. 


Gaining Access

To first access the Scheduler, navigate to the Versatile top menu bar in either the Versatile App or on the web, then click the ‘Schedule’ tab.


If you don’t have the Versatile Mobile App yet, you can scan the QR code or download the app from the links below:


Setting up Resources

First, make sure you have the ‘Resources’ you need to schedule available on the left hand side.

  • This is where you’ll add all relevant resources that could be reserved for the work you need to schedule, such as the forklift or hoist. If you even want to schedule time at a gate for deliveries or a particular staging lot, this is where you’ll add those resources to be able to schedule them on the calendar.
  • During onboarding, we collected the information we needed about your Versatile equipped cranes and other resources that will be used on this project, then we pre-populated them for you on the Scheduler. But should there be any missing feel free to add them directly!


Add Trades

  • The “Trades” will specify how you want to break down the execution of your plan. 
  • During onboarding, we’ll collect the subcontractors you plan to work with, and add them to the trades tab for you. 
  • Should there be any missing, please fill out the name to add a trade, and our team will add it to your view in 1 business day.
  • Then review your actuals the next day, as our advanced AI will automatically match up the trades doing work with the crane.


Populate Your Schedule

Now the fun part! Just like with traditional calendar tools you’re already used to, allocate time for the specific activities, deliveries, breaks, and any other relevant events you want to schedule on the calendar. 

  • To populate your day, create an event with all the relevant information.
  • The events will appear on your “Plan” on the left-hand side immediately.


Week View

Once you’ve filled in your plan, you can click the drop down to select the ‘Week’ view to check out, and verify your plan for the week.


Viewing the Actuals

The Versatile device will gather all the activity that happened the day before, and automatically display the breakdown in your “Actual” view on the right-hand side. 

After each workday you’ll be able to answer whether the day before:

  • Started on time
  • Completed tasks during the allocated start and end time
  • There was idle time that could’ve been better utilized
  • The team unexpectedly needed to work after hours to catch up
  • You’ll even be able to see each crane or resources side by side so you can compare across your larger jobsites.

Want to dig into the Actuals? Click on any of the calendar blocks, select ‘view lifts’ and it will lead you to the Explore page where you can view a recording to review the lift in detail.



Maintain control with two permission sets – view only & edit.

  • If you or members of your team need to edit the schedule, please send a request to and our support team will handle the request, or click ‘request’ on the top right corner like the image below.
  • Make sure your team has the app, everyone can view the Plan on mobile, then you can dig into Actuals on the desktop version.



We know a visible schedule in the trailer can still be nice to have – it’s designed to accommodate printing. 


Check these updates out on  and let us know what you think!


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