In the world of construction and lifting operations, clarity and precision are paramount. At Versatile, we understand the significance of having a single source of truth to review and assess what really transpired during critical operations. That’s why we created Explore, a feature designed to provide you and your team with invaluable historical evidence.


Capturing the Unseen

Versatile collects raw data, including weight, location, acceleration, positioning, and images, to interpret it into – load types (i.e., steel beam or formwork), processes (i.e., shakeout or stripping), distinct and timed cycles and steps, and more.

Using Versatile offers you data-driven support for your processes. Detect patterns, gain insights, and enhance the visibility of your site. Benefit from daily automatic insights, actual vs. scheduled comparison, automated installation tracker, and real-time, specific safety alerts. 

Always stay informed, manage your day effectively, and learn for future growth.

Sustain a connection with all crane-related activities, either directly or by clicking on any of Versatile’s messages, bringing you to a comprehensive, purpose-filtered scene. Search by any date, load-type, activity, or crane to find any event you’re hunting for, or review the ones we’ve highlighted for a complete step-by-step replay of the cycle.


Navigating to Explore

When you first step into the Explore page, you’ll be greeted by a dynamic main image of your site, precisely geo-located based on your site’s coordinates. To the left, a comprehensive list of all lifts recorded for your cranes awaits your exploration.



Select your timeframe of interest via our user-friendly date selection tool.



Navigating to the Explore page is a breeze. You can simply hover over any widget on the Catch-up page and click the blue Explore button, instantly navigating you to the exact lifts referenced in that snapshot.



On the Catch-up page’s right side, you’ll find a treasure trove of information in our new feed –  Insights. Clicking on any of these individual insights opens a window that provides detailed information about the corresponding rework. Clicking on ‘View Lift Details’ allows you to delve even deeper, with access to the precise video footage from that specific lift, offering an opportunity to learn from events captured.



Of course, you can always still opt for the direct route by navigating to the ‘Explore‘ tab at the top navigation bar.


Exploring Lifts

As you scroll down the Explore page, you’ll quickly identify lifts that may have taken longer than usual or hone in on the ones that pique your interest. Clicking on any video expands the details of that individual lift, allowing you to undertake a comprehensive review of the entire process and procedure employed during that particular operation.

Within the video player, you have the freedom to jump to specific moments or let it play continuously, ensuring you capture every critical detail.


The Four Steps to Understanding Your Lifts

Below the video, you’ll discover the ‘Timeline’ feature, an essential tool that dissects each lift into four crucial components: the crane’s movement to its loading location, rigging, movement to its intended delivery location, and unrigging. This breakdown offers a granular view of every operation, enabling you to identify opportunities for improvement with precision. For instance, you may uncover that rigging or unrigging took longer than anticipated due to resource constraints or material challenges.


Versatile’s Explore page is your gateway to unparalleled insights and historical documentation, empowering you to enhance efficiency, safety, and performance across your operations. We invite you to explore this invaluable tool and embark on a journey of continuous improvement.

Should you have any questions or don’t yet have Versatile and want to hear more, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are here to support you every step of the way.