The CraneView solution is an advanced platform that combines an under-the-hook lifting device with cloud software to collect and analyze thousands of data points (i.e. load type, weight, location, idle time, etc.). These data points are converted into actionable insights using artificial intelligence and machine learning to set new standards in productivity, efficiency, and safety. Below are a few fundamental security best practices that will help protect the CraneView solution from unauthorized use, duplication or transfer of the CraneView system, and protect all hardware and accessories. These security measures are subject to review and update by Versatile from time to time.


  • Safeguard the device, all accessories, and any spare equipment in a secure location to prevent lost, theft, or damage. This is particularly important when a device is temporarily removed from the crane hook.1
  • Prevent intentional or negligent behavior that could lead to physical damage to the hardware. Notify Versatile immediately if damage is suspected.2
  • Protect the intellectual property of the device by not permitting photos, reproductions, or reverse engineering of any kind.


  • Safeguard usernames and passwords from other individuals or parties. Accounts may not be shared among individuals.
  • Employ good password management practices (i.e. no dictionary words, letters, numbers, etc.).
  • Promptly notify Versatile in writing when users should be removed from the system.
  • Avoid sharing reports or data with unauthorized individuals.

1 The device may remain on the crane hook perpetually without removal except as deemed necessary by a certified rigger.
2 Follow instructions in the Inspection & Loading Requirements documentation in the event of damage.