Optimize your crane activity with a new way to view your planned vs. actual.


At Versatile, we’re on a mission to empower the construction industry by putting accurate, timely data in the hands of builders that help improve efficiency, collaboration, and resource utilization. To further this mission, we’re excited to introduce our latest feature – Scheduler.

Versatile Scheduler displays your planned schedule of resources including crane time, subcontractors, elements, and truck deliveries, side by side with the actual activity that occurred throughout the day. Every morning, you’re able to review the previous day’s actuals that are automatically populated, and compare it against your plans. Over your morning coffee you can spot discrepancies, make adjustments, and use the data to improve every day. Then review the schedule and your new plan with the crew over your morning huddle.


Top 3 Advantages with Scheduler

1) Upgrade Your White Board

Our intuitive, user-friendly scheduling tool is tailored to the unique needs of construction field teams to accommodate, and learn from, a constantly evolving jobsite. Effortlessly create and manage schedules for any of your resources on the schedule; from crane time per trade or subcontractor, planned breaks, to unloading truck deliveries – all managed in one central location. Have you ever had a delivery allocated for more or less time than needed? Now you can look back on your plans and accommodate for more or less float each day to refine, and optimize your schedules to perfection. 

With flexibility, automation, and collaboration in mind, the Scheduler helps you get ahead, and stay ahead of schedule. 


2) Measure Performance Analysis

Have you ever had a sub ask for more hook time that they didn’t end up needing? Did the team need to finish important tasks during unexpected overtime? Now you can learn from the day before and adjust as needed to accommodate for those variances, from each day to the next. You can even dig deeper to view each recorded lift within each respective actual for added context and peace of mind.

Versatile goes beyond traditional scheduling tools by displaying your actual operations side by side with your schedule – automatically. Identify potential bottlenecks, measure time on hook utilization, and uncover opportunities to optimize operations, all on a single page.

3) Improve Collaboration

Get everyone on the same page – literally. Every resource or subcontractor you need to schedule can appear in a single source of truth, with access and permissions set at your discretion. 

From the field team, crane operators, to the office, you can streamline communications and expectations with the Scheduler by viewing the Plan on the Mobile App, and the Plan vs. Actual on the web. Can’t live without a hard copy? You can also print the schedule and hang it where everyone can see. 


If you don’t have the Versatile Mobile App yet, you can scan the QR code or download the app from these links!


Let’s Talk

Get ready to revolutionize your crane operations with the game-changing Versatile Scheduler! Say goodbye to outdated whiteboards and cumbersome scheduling tools that don’t give you insights into how to improve. With Scheduler, you’ll experience a user-friendly and intuitive solution, tailor-made for construction field teams like yours.

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