Versatile’s Director of Product Marketing, Jackie Guilbault, speaks with site power users on their experience using Versatile in the Widget Wednesday series. 

Versatile naturally fits into construction workflows by automatically capturing, measuring, and analyzing jobsite activity seamlessly and non-intrusively. Our platform aggregates daily performance and production metrics for key site activities accessible on an online dashboard and in daily summary emails with individual reports we call “widgets”.

Our Widget Wednesday discussions focus on the question: How is our non-intrusive IoT device helping elevate users’ instincts and change the way they work—including monitoring, controlling, and improving processes on the jobsite daily?

In this episode, Jackie speaks with Sam Versaci, Superintendent from Turner Construction Company – ENR’s #1 contractor, collaborating with us on impressive projects like IQHQ and Manchester Pacific Gateway, both in San Diego.

Tell us about yourself and the project you’re on right now.

My name is Sam Versaci, I’m a Superintendent on IQHQ, I’ve been with Turner for over a year and a half now. I’ve worked with other construction companies and I can say flat out, Turner is one of the most innovative companies that I’ve been with. Just over the last year and a half, the way they strive towards using technology and their ability to want to adapt and increase their innovation throughout the company is mind blowing. Once they introduced us to Versatile I knew already – this program is phenomenal, and you could see that the company was lining us up for success.

What type of project is IQHQ?

So IQHQ as a whole is a district project, there are 5 buildings and a park, all which consists of a 6 block parking structure that is connected, and on top of that 6 block parking structure, there are 5 steel buildings. The building that I’m on, Block 2B is an 18 story steel building with a 2 floor windscreen at the top, so when it comes down to that there was a lot of steel in our building, so using Versatile while going through our steel erection process was extremely helpful on a day to day basis.

What do you think the data you received help with the most?

A couple things that helped the most was especially since I came in as a more entry level position just coming from a different area in the country, was piece count, durations, and our productivity [metrics]. Back before Versatile came into my life, I needed to watch the steel be erected, I had to mark on up a drawing , and physically count each piece that had to go in and at the end of the day, go in to my upper management and say hey, we’re on track today, we put in 58 pieces, as you know, we’re targeting an average of 54 to maintain schedule.   To where now, I just sit down at my computer early in the morning and all that information is essentially presented right in front of me. It was the first thing that I saw everyday. 

How much time do you think that saved you, if you could estimate?

That probably saved me at least an hour a day. And just to give you the scope of that we started steel erection in July and we just basically finished at the end of November so an hour a day from July to November definitely saved me some time.”


Another big help for me was having the ability to see who was using the crane. It’s written into everyone’s contract, and as you know growing up we all learn to share, and that is a main thing when it comes to crane time especially on a construction project where you have a lot of different parties that want to use the crane, and they want to use it for as long as they can. Having the ability to see who spent how much time on the crane, when they spent it, if there are hand-offs from one trade to another trade, if that was an efficient hand-off or if it was actually something that causes more waste and actually takes up more time.

Having all of that information in front of you, made managing who was on the crane, how long they were on the crane, much easier than it would’ve been beforehand.”


It definitely just gives you a peace of mind when it comes down to safety. Turner is a big safety company, we preach the importance of safety from day 1, so just having the ability to have a camera on the crane hook and if you wanted to, you could go in and take a look at a pick that was happening right now, or that happened yesterday, you can just ensure that all safety protocols are being met. It just gives you that peace of mind that all safety protocols are being met. Obviously using the crane is a high risk activity, so just being able to pull some of that risk out of the activity by having that ability to look at that definitely gives you the peace of mind that we’re working on a safe jobsite and everything is going to go according to plan.    




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