Each month, Versatile’s Director of Product Marketing, Jackie Guilbault, speaks with site power users about their experience using CraneView®. 

Versatile creates solutions that measure and analyze your jobsite automatically without impacting any aspect of the jobsite operations. Our platform aggregates daily performance and production metrics for key site activities on an online dashboard and in a daily or weekly round of emails with individual reports we call “widgets”.

Our Widget Wednesday discussions focus on the question: How is our non-intrusive IoT device helping elevate users’ instincts and change the way they work for the better—including monitoring, controlling, and improving processes on the jobsite daily?

This month, Jackie speaks with General Foreman and Operating Engineer Greg Przybylski of Sellen Construction, one of the leading general contractors in the Pacific Northwest. 

Greg, thank you for joining us.

Morning, Jackie. It’s great to be here, thanks for having me.

I really appreciate you taking the time. Tell us about the project you used CraneView on.

Right now we’re on a large campus remodel project with new buildings and multiple cranes. It’s been fun to incorporate CraneView cameras and use them out here on site.

When you get the daily reports, which would you say is your favorite widget?

Well, you’re asking a lot for me to choose one because I find myself on all of them– including the Daily Hook Time report to see what subs are using our time when they have the hook time.

We’re out here on a multi-use crane project or multi-crane project. Crane time is so valuable and it’s important to make sure we’re using it properly.

We can go into meetings and say, “We used the crane properly for your crane time” or “[W]e didn’t use your crane time and we wasted minutes here.” It’s easy to pull these reports up and gain valuable information.

In addition to how you use them in meetings, what type of decisions would you make from this type of data?

The schedules are so tight, you go into these meetings and say, “Hey, we were able to set your units or your concrete or your structural steel rebar. We did it in this amount of time, so we could save minutes here. And we can bring things sooner than we thought we could because we have the crane time.”

There are so many areas I can break down off these reports to gain valuable information in seconds and use them in the meetings. It’s been awesome.

Without these reports, how would you have done this before or received that type of data without CraneView?

The archaic way, of course, was being out in the field, timing, speaking to my guys, my crews, the subs, and estimate. You estimate, and that’s only partially good.

You estimate something and it turns out or it doesn’t turn out. Off these CraneView reports, you get an exact amount of time that it takes to do things, like estimating. It’s the archaic way of taking the time to be out there speaking to people. It’s changed things completely for us.

Overall, how would you say it’s changed the way you and your teamwork for the better?

We’ve gained knowledge from CraneView and being able to change schedules. One of the fun things we’ve done is going back with the photos that are taken and look at ways we’re rigging things, including safety and teaching procedures.

We can say, “[W]e rigged this load this way, we can see how we did this, and we would like to do it differently. We could have done a better job.”

We’ve gained a ton per scheduling, knowledge, learning, training, and exercises. It’s been fantastic.


About Versatile

Versatile elevates construction performance management through its flagship solution Craneview®. ​​The data captured from project operations delivers smart insights to improve budgets, support construction scheduling, help with daily planning and provide unmatched visibility into your production rates with hard data.

Leveraging AI and IoT, CraneView helps streamline construction resource allocation while minimizing disruption to existing processes. The result? Increased productivity and efficiency, improved safety culture, and the insights needed to manage and bid on future projects more competitively.

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