Widget Wednesday with Clark Pacific

Versatile’s Director of Product Marketing, Jackie Guilbault, speaks with site power users on the first Wednesday of each month about their experience using CraneView®. Asking, how has the non-intrusive IoT device helped elevate their instincts and changed the way they work—including monitoring, controlling, and improving processes on the jobsite daily?

This month, Jackie speaks with Denis Nedorezov, project engineer at Clark Pacific, the leading manufacturer of prefabricated buildings. Clark Pacific transforms design and construction by delivering high-quality, cost-effective buildings with less risk.



JG: Tell us about yourself and the project you’re on right now.

I’m a project engineer with Clark Pacific and am currently onsite at Alta Parking Structure; a rather large parking structure in progress with the crane just behind me. 


JG: You have CraneView on the site which gives you daily reports on critical activities and a summation of widgets. What is your favorite report widget?

From The Daily Report, I see the exact setting rates and times for each piece that we’re erecting. This widget has been the one that’s helped me the most by far.


“I’ve easily saved an hour a day with CraneView.”

– Denis Nedorezov, Project Engineer, Clark Pacific


JG: What types of decisions can you make from that data? 

When I get a breakdown of how long each piece took individually, I can use this data to estimate and schedule pieces for the next day. I use the tool daily and it’s helping me out a lot.


JG: If you didn’t have CraneView, how would you have received this type of data? What would your process have looked like before?

I would’ve had to do it the old-fashioned way; I’d stand and manually time each piece we were erecting. This would add up to quite a bit of time.


JG: How much time would you estimate it’s saved you?

I’ve easily saved an hour a day with CraneView. Aside from standing there and clocking every single piece, I’d have to go back in at the end of the day, run the data, and process it myself. Getting the data in a processed, easily readable daily report format has been helpful.


JG: Overall, how would you say CraneView has helped you work for the better?

It’s not only saved me time, but CraneView has also helped me understand trends and notice certain delays from the previous day’s work and where we got cut off by looking at the setting rates. It’s helped me estimate better and plan for the next day. We’ve become more efficient with this widget and I’m incredibly grateful for it.


“CraneView has helped me understand trends and notice certain delays from the previous day’s work. We’ve become more efficient with this widget and I’m incredibly grateful for it.”

Denis Nedorezov, Project Engineer, Clark Pacific


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