Each month, Versatile’s Director of Product Marketing, Jackie Guilbault, speaks with site power users about their experience using CraneView®. 

Versatile creates solutions that measure and analyze your jobsite automatically without impacting any aspect of the jobsite operations. Our platform aggregates daily performance and production metrics for key site activities on an online dashboard and in a daily or weekly round of emails with individual reports we call “widgets”.

Our Widget Wednesday discussions focus on the question: How is our non-intrusive IoT device helping elevate users’ instincts and change the way they work for the better—including monitoring, controlling, and improving processes on the jobsite daily?

This month, Jackie speaks with Tunnel Form Superintendent Lewie Candler from Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company, Hawaii’s largest and most diversified general contractor. Lewie estimates saving $3M in crane costs compared to the industry average, and discusses his ability to make the right decisions with data. 

Tell us about yourself and the project you’re on right now.

I focus on tunnel forms, so basically, I play with very large toys. I’m not physically on any job right now, but I’m planning about seven of them.

What’s the last one you used CraneView on?

The Dentral at Ala Moana. Previously, I’ve taken crane pick notes for years manually, but you folks have upgraded it, so again, crane pick notes daily. Besides that, we also get the weights. Versatile saves me a lot of work in that respect.

I always use my data, and now Versatile’s data, for Monday morning quarterbacking for myself and the crew. I noticed that on the last job, we saved north of $3M by not wasting crane time. This is a huge difference on the job.

Changing the workplace culture

We’ve changed the culture of the workers. Everybody else that I know has a schedule, and whoever is on the schedule, they make sure to use up all their time. They have a built-in efficiency which I’ve been able to break on my tunnel form job. The company has caught on that crane efficiency is a big thing. Versatile is a huge help towards that goal.

I’m very appreciative of what you folks have done because I was told by many people how foolish I was for taking my crane pick notes. And now Versatile has come along and made it high-tech so anybody can do it.

They can actually sit from their computer like I am now, and see when the best time is to be loading trucks, etc. You can see the data as it comes in, which drastically affects your bottom line.

Which data points, or widgets, are the most valuable for you to review every morning before you start your job?

That’s a hard question because I look at all of it– and it’s all very important. I review the crane pick times daily. When the job is done and you’re planning for the next projects, it’s important to review the crane pick sequencing because every job is different. You want to make sure you have lots of apples to apples comparisons to decide with your planning what you want to do for maximum efficiency.


About Versatile

Versatile elevates construction performance management through its flagship solution Craneview®. ​​The data captured from project operations delivers smart insights to improve budgets, support construction scheduling, help with daily planning  and provide unmatched visibility into your production rates with hard data.

Leveraging AI and IoT, CraneView helps streamline construction resource allocation while  minimizing disruption to existing processes. The result? Increased productivity and efficiency, an improved safety culture, and the insights needed to manage and bid future projects more competitively.

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